The World's Only Organic Sugar Free Chewing Gum

USDA Organic
Organic Dental Protection
Gluten Free

Our gum is made from tree sap and organic ingredients from the wild. It is USDA Certified Organic, Biodegradable, Vegetarian and a Fair Trade product.

And get this...with our unique organic sugar free blend, our gum helps to clean and protect your teeth.

Do you know what's in your gum?

The FDA allows chewing gum companies to hide up to 50 synthetic ingredients in the term "Gumbase" on the label. Even gum brands that claim to be "natural" are made with synthetics.

Four ingredients commonly found in your gum

  • Butadine

    Used to make rubber car tires, diesel fuel and cigarette additives

  • Aspartame

    An artificial sweetener that accounts for 75% of all adverse food reactions reported to the FDA

  • Propylene Glycol

    A toxin used in everything from antifreeze to petrolium products

  • Polyvinyl Acetate (PV)

    An ingredient commonly used in latex paint and industrial adhesives

Our gum is made with only 7 ingredients from nature and certified organic, so you know there is nothing hidden.

Fresh Mint WILD Organic Chewing Gum
USDA Organic
Cinnamon Chai WILD Organic Chewing Gum
  • Organic Stevia & Erythritol

    Organic sugar free and non-GMO sweeteners derived from plants that help eliminate bacteria from your mouth and protect against tooth decay.

  • Organic Chicle

    Organic certified and sustainably sourced organic tree sap from a Zapote tree in Central America. This is the chewy stuff. Unlike any other gum company, we source and certify this ourselves directly from local villages.

  • Organic Glycerin

    Organic and non-GMO vegetable glycerin to keep our gum moist.

  • Organic Calcereous Algae Powder

    This organic and non-GMO ingredient from the ocean helps to keep our gum from getting too sticky. Algae is cool.

  • Organic Gum Arabic

    To make it stretch & stay together.

  • Organic Sunflower Lecithin

    This organic & non-GMO ingredient helps to keep ingredients from separating.

  • Organic & Natural Certified Flavors

    Real flavors extracted from real ingredients. All of our flavors are USDA organic compliant.

Finally a synthetic free gum that helps fight cavities

Organic dental protection

We decided to create an organic gum that can actually IMPROVE the health of your teeth. After an extensive search for an organic sugar free sweetener, we found a winner in a combination of two: Organic Stevia and Organic Erythritol. Both of these sweeteners are derived from organic plants and have been used for hundreds of years. We are combining them for the first time in a chewing gum. Like xylitol, erythritol helps to improve dental health by defending against tooth decay and gum disease.

It starts with organic, fair trade & sustainably sourced sap

We went to the rainforests of Central America and set up our own free trade supply source of organic chicle - the tree sap used in Wild Gum. We work closely with the Rainforest Alliance ( and local communities to ensure the protection and growth of these amazing rainforests.

  • Chip and locals
    tapping sap.

  • Searching for a zapote tree.

  • The main highway. No traffic!

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