The World´s only organic sugar free
chewing gum

The only organic certified chewing
gum in the U.S.

Finally organic gum that helps fight cavities

Certified Organic

Our Gum

Our gum is made from tree sap and organic ingredients from the wild. It is USDA Certified Organic, Biodegradable, Vegetarian and a Fair Trade product. With our unique organic sugar free blend, our gum helps to clean and protect your teeth. With our unique formula of organic sugar-free sweeteners, our gum also helps to clean and protect your teeth.

Flavors and Ingredients

Our gum is made with only 7 ingredients and it is certified organic. No hidden or surprise ingredients.

Our Gum vs typical gum



The FDA allows chewing gum companies to hide up to 50 synthetic ingredients in the term “Gumbase” on the label. Even gum brands that claim to be “natural” are made with synthetics.

Four Ingredients commonly found in your typical gum:

Used to make rubber car tires, diesel fuel and cigarette additives

An artificial sweetener that accounts for 75% of all adverse food reactions reported to the FDA

A toxin used in everything from antifreeze to petroleum products

An ingredient commonly used in latex paint and industrial adhesives

Wild Sourcing

It starts with organic, fair trade & sustainably sourced chicle

We went to the rainforests of Central America and set up our own free trade supply source of organic chicle – the tree sap used in Wild Gum.

We work closely with the Rainforest Alliance (, regional organizations and local communities to ensure the protection and growth of these amazing rainforests.

Environmental impact

Our project provides a sustainable economic benefit that protects and builds forests in the valuable Mayan Biosphere. Trees used in harvesting chicle can be sustainably sourced for generations, providing a compelling reason to keep the forests intact.

Economic impact

Our chicle purchases have impacted hundreds of families in Central America’s poorest forest communities. Our use of organic, directly-sourced chicle means that every purchase moves money into these villages.